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So what’s this site all about then?

I never intended having a web site at all, ever. A decision I made once when searching for a modem driver and being directed instead to a web page dedicated entirely towards the colour green. In my mind then I came to the conclusion that the internet, although useful has no quality controls and so some information is factually incorrect yet worded convincingly and so taken as gospel.

Then I stumbled across an internet chat forum at and started contributing simply because somebody asked a question I did know the answer to (the best way to cycle in snow without falling off, if I recall).

Over the last two years I have contributed almost daily to that site, as well as working for cycling in other ways and as well as maintaining a full time career. In that time I have come to realise that as new contributors join the forum and as old arguments are resurrected I am typing the same things time after time. Unfortunately as I can't contribute all the time, or sometimes I phrase a comment badly and so the thrust of my argument is missed or goes badly astray. Therefore I decided to set up my own internet site with my thoughts on those main arguments discussed in full and where I could simply direct others to read instead of having to type it all again.

As I have spent so much time on the cycling plus site I have found that my own cycling knowledge has increased dramatically and so I am able to help other cyclists simply by passing on knowledge learnt months before they joined.

This then, combined with my new internet site idea, branched out in my mind to creating a full cycling resource where all those questions that I see regularly can be addressed or other sites linked to. Therefore if you have something that you think should be published here feel free to mail me and I will consider publishing it with your name (if you want) for others to read. If you already have a reference site, then rather than duplicate the information mail me a link.

Months later I finally got around to registering a domain name and buying some internet space, and here you are. Reading the results.

As a final note, this site, or rather my contributions to this site, are purely my own thoughts and feelings. As you will see from the page about me I dislike statistics and other measures, what I post here are articles I write and which are on my mind. They are articles designed to make the reader think, not to make a point. I welcome feedback, and if there is a point I make which you feel is incorrect then please let me know and I will consider either changing my views or re-writing the article to clarify my thinking so that you can see where my thoughts are truly going. If you want to add to a point or to share your experience in similar circumstances then again, just drop me a line.


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