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Books about cycling

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Current top books

Slow Coast Home: 5,000 Miles Around the Shores of England and Wales
an enjoyable read and brought a new aspect onto seeing the UK
A manual of skilled cycling techniques for adults. This text includes advice on: a safe and efficient bike; basic cycling skills; sharing the roads; everyday movements and more difficult manoeuvres; non-traffic hazard; and cycling in town and country, at night and in all weathers.
One Wheel Many Spokes
Lars Clausen rode his unicycle across America. Then rode home again. On the ride he achieved several Guinness world records. Read about his journey and the people he met.
I think I need to get this DVD to watch

Other Josie Dew books I've read

Travels in a Strange State: Cycling Across the U.S.A.
Josie Visits America. A good read.
The Sun in My Eyes: Two-Wheeling East
Over to the far east now. Another enjoyable read.
A Ride in the Neon Sun
A return to the far east
The Wind in My Wheels: Travel Tales from the Saddle
The book that started it all. A very good book talking about cycling in many places

Cycle Touring and rides

Fat Man on a Roman Road
This was a good idea. Start in exeter then ride as far north as possible following the original Roman Roads.
On his travels in the 1980's Tom gives us an insight into England and the people he meets. Reading it just twenty years later is a revelation into both what we've lost in terms of relaxation and freedom, as well as what we've gained as some polluted areas are tidied up.

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