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Cycling - Folding a Brompton

Folding the Brompton is easy and quick. With practice you can astound your friends or any observer with how quickly a tangled mass of metal and rubber turns into a bike, and vice versa.

With the bike at forty five degrees to you, stand alongside it so that the saddle is to your right, and the folded hinge is in front of you.

Lean over the bike, grasp the handlebars and lift them to their correct position. With practice you can do this as you put the bike down. Holding them in place with your left hand tighten the clamp with your right.

As soon as the bars are clamped upright swivel to your right and put your left hand on the saddle. Unfold the pedal as your right hand passes it, then release the seat-post clamp with your right hand. Lift the saddle to the correct height and alignment (learnt with practice) and tighten the clamp.

Steady the bike with your right hand on the saddle then using your left hand on the handlebars lift and swivel the front of the frame into place (some people find this easier by leaning over the bike and using their left hand on the front of the frame). Move your right hand to the frame clamp and tighten it.

With your left hand on the bars and your right hand on the saddle, lift the saddle up and forwards, the back wheel will flick into place. You have a bike.

For the ultimate in speed, place your left foot on the left pedal at that point and swing your right leg over the saddle. It is actually possible to be riding off within ten seconds of deciding to unfold the bike!

Start with the back wheel flicked underneath and the bike standing on its own. With practice (but not recommended!) this can be achieved by braking hard with the front brake and jumping out of the saddle before the bike comes to a halt.

Ensure the right hand crank is pointing down and rearwards by about 45 degrees.

Undo the main frame crank with your right hand whilst putting your left hand on the front of the frame. As soon as the clamp is released lift the front of the bike, fold the frame and lower the bike again. The hook on the forks will engage over the rear triangle.

Holding the stem with your left hand undo the clamp on the head tube with your right, and allow the handlebars to drop, the catch will engage and prevent them swinging free.

Release the seat-post clamp with your right hand and let the seat drop. You may need to apply slight downwards pressure on the top tube with your left hand at this point.

Using your right hand press the pedal release and fold the pedal.

With practise all these actions should rapidly flow together.


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Updated 03/11/04