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  Audax My Bikes Brompton  
A tandem
This is our most recent addition to the family.
Our Tandem

We were riding in France and my wife ended up taking the back seat of a tandem for the last 15 miles. She enjoyed it so much that she asked me to check out an advert wed been told about.

I cycled round to the house the next day, and sure enough there was a sign advertising a tandem for sale. I checked it over and was impressed, so we went for a test ride the day after and then bought it.

The bike has been re-sprayed by the last owners. Nobody seems to know what the bike is, how old she is or any other information.

We have had a little grief, as is to be expected when buying second hand (and some of the faults I knew about before wed bought the bike). The back wheel seems slightly small, so only certain tyres (renowned for a tight fit) will stay on; any other tyre comes off at any time and allows the inner tube to explode! Weve had a brake cable pull through a restraining lug (which was a pain at the time, but easily fixed with a handy cable tie). We have also had a bolt fall out so the back hub brake snapped its cable when pulled on.

Despite all this though the bike is fun and we really enjoy riding her. If anybody can shed some light as to what this bike is, please drop me an email through the Who am I page.


  Audax My Bikes Brompton  


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