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Do you ride in Rayleigh or Castle Point?
(Canvey Island, Benfleet, Tarpots, Thundersley, Hadleigh)
I have just received copies of the Cycle Network Map for Castle Point and Rayleigh in Essex, and have been asked to confirm they are correct, update them where required, then return them to Essex County Council so that the master copies can be updated.

Whilst I am aware of some of the routes, I now need your help in letting me know ALL the routes and facilities that you know of, so that I can update this map and send it back to them. I don't want to miss anything, and am well aware that there might be small cut throughs on smaller roads that I have no knowledge of at all.

Please can you send me Road Names/locations of the cycle routes, and where they go. Please also mention whether the routes are on road or off road, as well as where the Cycle Dismount signs/areas are. I'll try and visit all the routes before adding them to the map.

For my ease (please?) can you send them in the format of (for example):- Off Road: Link Road, follow drain past The Lake, Knightswick road.

Send the details to cycle.lanes AT nuttycyclist DOT co DOT uk

Please also pass this on to anybody else you know who may be able to help.

Closing date mid Jan 2006.

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