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Do you ride in Brentwood or Thorndon Country Park?
Extract of a letter received from Essex County Council addressed to the Essex District Association CTC (Permission has been received from ECC to post this letter to the website, I have taken the liberty of removing names and phone numbers as I don't like to publish those.)

If you can help with the information that Essex County Council need, please email thorndon.appeal AT nuttycyclist DOT co DOT uk and I'll pass either your information on, or if you'd prefer I'd pass on your contact details so that Essex County Council can send you a map to fill in (let me know in the email)

Closing date mid Feb 2006.


Please find enclosed two sets of maps, one showing the area in the vicinity of Thorndon Country Park and the other, the area around Weald Country Park.

I am currently working with our Cycling Officer and colleagues from Brentwood Borough Council on a Traffic Management Study around Weald and Thorndon Country Parks. Both parks are extensively used by walkers, cyclists and horse riders but many people experience problems reaching them using the local road network. Indeed many local horse riders box their horses to the parks and many cyclists put their bikes on to bike carriers and drive to the parks.

We are currently collating information from walkers, cyclists and horse riders who regularly use the two Country Parks. The information we are particularly interested in is:
  • Routes typically cycled, both on and off road (highlighted in one colour)
  • Difficult road crossings, where some type of traffic management would assist walkers & riders e.g. Pegasus Crossings (circled on the maps).
  • Roads which cyclists find hazardous to ride along. It would be helpful if you could note on the map why a particular road is difficult to use.
  • Suggested improvements to the existing rights of way network e.g. upgrading particular footpaths to bridleways or cycle tracks, so that they are also available to cyclists and riders or the creation of new cycle tracks or bridleways to avoid hazardous sections of roads (highlighted in a different colour).
This information will enable us to build up a picture of the routes typically used by cyclists in the Brentwood area and the problems encountered along the way. We can then relate this information to accident data, speed limits, traffic flows etc to formulate a traffic management strategy for this special environmental area.

I have enclosed two sets of maps and would be very grateful if you (or cyclists known to you) could highlight the maps as requested. If you require further copies of the maps please e-mail and I will forward additional copies. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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