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Cycling - Daft Cycle Lanes - Chesterfield

These photos were sent to me by SufferingPete from the Cycling Plus forum. They show a selection of farcilities in Chesterfield

The path disapears under the parking bays.
Sheffield Road, Near Stone gravels lane

Here is a great example of a cycle path which simply stops when it gets to some parking bays, reappearing after the bays finish.
No thought has been given to cyclists and how they should negotiate this hazard.

This is one of the main reasons I dislike facilities so much, they do not cater for the needs of those who think they need them. More effort should be made to help all cyclists learn to ride on the road and around these hazards. Paths, especially ones like this, do not help.
After the parking bays, the path reappears!


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Judging from that barrier, somebody's hit it hard.
White Coates Lane, Chesterfield

A typical cycle facility. If no cycle lane existed then the cyclist would be on the road and have priority at this junction.

Instead, the cyclist is encouraged to ride on the pavement, so has to give way at the side road.

To re-inforce this the council appears to have installed barriers to force the cyclist to stop. (Or did the pedestrian barrier department not talk to the cycle lane department?)
Did they miss the lane when they painted that bicycle logo?


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What happens when a bus uses the stop?  Where does the lane go next?
White Coates Lane, Chesterfield

Oh deary me. A typical lane painted in the gutter where nobody should be riding. When a bus stops here is the cyclist expected to squeeze up the inside by using the lane? Well I do hope Granny isn't getting off with a shopping basket...

And after the bus stop? What does the cyclist do then? Typically, as soon as the road narrows the cycle farcilities disappear.

Any sensible cyclist should here be riding outside of the dotted line donating the edge of the bus stop, this will then put them on the correct course to negotiate the crossing. Any foolish cyclist who uses this farcility is being forced to ride an impractical and dangerous course.


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