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Cycling - Daft Cycle Lanes - Penzance

These photos and text arrived in my email inbox this morning (12th April 2006). They show a farcility in Penzance. Next time I'm visiting relatives in Cornwall I'll try to get down there and and add some notes of my own to this page, but in the meantime I'll leave the description to Andrew

cycle path blocked by bollard
Sustrans NCN 3 in Penzance

Hello Nutty,

here's a farcility photo for you, it's at most 50m long. Starts at the foreground of the photo and ends at the lights and crossing you can see, allowing a right turn into a car park into a narrow walkway with bollards on both sides, and parked cars outside the bollards. Part of NCN 3, LOL.

No one uses it. You can turn right from the carriageway at the lights, but better yet enter the carpark 100m earlier by taking a right turn into the main entrance.


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