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Cycling - Daft Cycle Lanes - Southend A127
Cycle paths and steps
Who designed this?
As you head out of Southend on the A127 a sign routes cyclists heading for Rochford off of the main carriageway where they are instantly confronted with this view.
It is interesting to note that 500 yards further down the road is a traffic light controlled crossing where a cycle path crosses the main road. Why isn't that used for this route, rather than this bridge? They can't even use the excuse that it is in the wrong location, since this route passes the lights anyway after crossing the bridge!
A cycle path up steps
Down the steps and then perform a tight U Turn

I know some people may say that I have misunderstood the above sign, and it might actually apply to the pavement alongside the bridge. This isn't the case! As you come down the steps you'll see this sign which clearly indicates a U-Turn away from the shared use sign. click here to read it clearly

After you have performed your tight U-Turn you will see the cycle lane in front of you on the old road surface. It's not wide enough to pass another cyclist coming the other way, not to mention the risk of catching your handlebars in the railing should you try.

Narrow with railings, but at least it's on road


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