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A Bicycle and a ford isn't a bad idea. I've been through many that are good. Mind you, sometimes I have been known to get it wrong. The great thing about cycling through fords though is that it really brings home that feeling of conquering the roads and being able to cycle wherever you feel. There is something primative about riding through the water that blocks your path.

The essential process though is to check the ford beforehand. Always make sure you stop before you enter the water and examine the situation. Do not proceed unless you are confident.

The things to avoid are anything that may cause you to lose balance. These may include :-
- a gravel surface,
- mud (which obscures the bottom surface)
- potholes
- a strong current
- deep water, which will enter your shoes or luggage, giving you an uncomfortable ongoing ride.
- a weed covered bottom, which will be slippery

The only real time you should consider riding through a ford is if the bottom appears to be solid and smooth, and with plenty of grip. Even then though, you should be careful to ensure that everything is safe, as I said above it can still go wrong sometimes; the weed or slime isn't always apparent!

When I got to that ford, I checked it carefully, but my checklist appears to have missed "Examine concrete for weed". The concrete covered in weed looked like tarmac.

memo to self: Amend checklist.

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