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My Hack
An old mountain bike
It used to look like this... And now looks like this Read about the restore from the left picture to the right picture

This is the oldest bike in the stable at the moment, and accordingly is used just as a hack bike for popping down to the shops and suchlike. Despite this the bike has a huge grin factor and I really enjoy jumping on it.

The frame itself is simply a “Dawes” frame, it was a replacement under their lifetime warranty on the previous bike which was my first ATB bike but had a failure of the threads that held the bottom bracket in. When the bike was rebuilt onto this frame I upgraded the gears from the old 5 speed block to a 6 speed block (the biggest then available) I retained the wide handlebars and upright riding position though.

Overall, I wouldn’t want to ride this bike too far. It is heavy and clunky and uncomfortable. It is ideal at its primary job, whether grinding though mud whilst wearing chunky tyres, or as I use it, just for popping to the shops and then riding home with a huge amount of heavy shopping strapped to the rear rack. The record to date is over 50 pints of beer on the rear rack (I'd just rebuilt the wheel and wanted to see how strong it was).

Update 28/11/05: When I recently realised how tatty this bike was starting to look, I decided it was time to tart it up with a tin of Hammerite. Read the story here.

get that stuff shifted!

As you can see from this photo, this is a great bike for shopping or moving goods around, especially when the trailer's on the back. End of 28/11/05 update


  Bromptons My Bikes Mountain Bike  


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