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Not all my bikes are pedal power.
This is my second choice option of transport when my usual bikes are not suitable.
Suzuki GSX600F
FOR SALE!!! email me if you're interested in buying this bike

Until I gained my driving licence I cycled everywhere. Once I had passed my driving test I tended to drive everywhere. After several years though I got fed up with sitting in traffic jams and so started cycling again. One of my colleagues mentioned to me about motorcycling and so, to the horror of my family, I learnt to ride and passed my test. I then tended to ride the motorbike everywhere; even to the extent of selling my car as it was unused.

Today I am back to cycling for most of my journeys, and use the motorbike for any longer journeys where cycling isnít the most practical option. The motorbike has the same huge advantages over other forms of transport that the bicycle has, but with the advantage of being able to maintain these over a greater distance. For the shorter distances though the pedal cycle has the advantage every time.

This is a standard Suzuki GSX600F which has had a top-box added for luggage capacity and has also had a scotoiler added for convenience and to save me having to do anything to maintain this bike.


  Moulton My Bikes Audax  


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