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An all weather bike
An old Peugeot
A bike for pottering
I’d got hold of a lovely pair of wheels with hub brakes and decided they’d make a lovely winter bike, I just needed the frame! Nothing happened for a few months, then the issue cropped up during a conversation at work and £25 later I was the happy owner of a new bike.

The previous owner had made a very good job of stripping all the old paint and then repainting it with cheap aerosols. He wasn’t happy with the 27 inch wheels he’d fitted, he feared the front was about to collapse. The bars needed taping as they just had insulation tape on them, and the gears weren’t working properly; the shifters lost their friction whenever they were touched.

I removed the wheels and replaced them with my old imperial 26 inch ones. The wheels fitted fine, the new brackets for the hub brakes clamped onto the bike very well. The slightly smaller wheels gave sufficient space to fit new mudguards (the 27 inch wheels had very close clearance to the frame and no space for guards). I removed all the old brake callipers (now redundant) and replaced the cables with ones long enough to operate the new brakes.

The bars were taped and the gears adjusted. Light brackets were fitted. I sorted the shifters by replacing the spring washers with ones out of the bin at my local bike shop.

A new bike was born!
  Windcheetah My Bikes Moulton  


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