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My Unicycle
Dare I comment?
Are the shops this way?

This is a fun bike. I bought it initially for the challenge, then (before buying the Bromptons) for the fact it would fit in a car without dismantling. I had visions of being driven to my wife’s work and then riding this bike the last mile to work.

To date I have only managed to learn to ride this, and my longest ride was two miles (including a few unscheduled dismounts thanks to lumps on the road).

My plans for the future are to learn to ride this better, as well as to start juggling (a skill I already have) whilst riding it. I might buy another one though as I think my seat-post is slightly too short, which is what is limiting me to two miles (my legs are agony after that distance).

Mad as I am I don’t see myself being a challenge to Lars Clausen who rode 9,136 miles across America, as described in his book “One wheel many Spokes”! (That was in one go, over 7 months, and included one day of 202.78 miles!)


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