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Cycle Maintenance - Fitting an inner tube

an easy task

Fitting an inner tube is easy, although the final step can prove tricky on some wheel/tyre combinations.

Put one bead of the tyre onto the wheel and align the label with the valve hole. The reason for aligning the label in this way is so that at a later date you can quickly and easily identify where a puncture is in the tyre from where the hole is in the inner tube.

Inflate the inner tube sufficiently for it to hold its shape, but not enough that it takes up too much room. Insert the valve into the valve hole in the rim, then place the inner tube inside the tyre.

Now starting at the valve area put the remaining bead of the tyre into the wheel rim. Press the valve of the inner tube into the tyre and squeeze the beads together into the recess of the rim. Put the side of the wheel opposite the valve onto the floor and then with one hand on each side of the wheel stretch the tyre and with your thumbs press the bead onto the rim. When you get to the side opposite the rim you will have a short section of tyre that forms a straight line outside the rim. Pick the wheel up and with both thumbs on this section of tyre roll it away from you and over the wheel rim.


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