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Cycle Maintenance - Putting your wheel back on your bike

an easy task

Correctly putting a wheel onto a bike is easier than it seems at first.

The front wheel is easiest.
Put the axles into the dropouts on the forks. Line the lawyer tabs up with their cut-outs if you have them.

For the back wheel.
Hook the chain over the rear cog it was on when you removed the wheel (donít panic if you canít remember exactly). Slide the wheel into its dropouts.

For both wheels
If you have a quick release lever then open the lever and align it so that when closed it will be alongside the fork. Tighten the nut opposite the lever to provide slight tension.

If you have rim brakes then tighten them so that they are in full working order. Apply the brakes, this will both centre the wheel and also hold it in place. Now close the lever. It should fully close leaving just a small mark on your hand.

If you have traditional wheel nuts then the procedure is the same, although you will require a spanner to tighten the wheel nuts.

If you have disc or drum brakes then you will need to align your wheel centrally before tightening the wheel nuts.

Once the wheel is fully secure, spin it and check that the brakes are not binding in any way. The wheel should spin with no resistance.


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