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Various things that annoy me, or are on my mind
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Cycling related
Cycle paths in France
experienced on my holiday in September 2004
Encouraging Cycling
Dangerously slippery surfaces.
Why are they being installed for us to cycle on?
Media Fear
The perceived danger and its perpetuation.
Cycle bells
Are they needed?
Cycle helmets
A rant, and I doubt the first! (a draft)
Cycle helmets and cycle training  
Cycle helmets and over heavy legislation.  
How cycling increases social interaction.  
The puncture fairy  
An urban evening
What I heard
Oradour - Some thoughts.
Oradour - Some photos.
An atmospheric garage
Definitely a bloke's paradise
Caption Competition
A bit of fun and a guarantee of no prize at all
Road safety related
The open road
New drivers and safety
Nutty's Day Out
A Childrens tale of London Cycling
Nutty goes swimming
I didn't follow my own advice
Diary of a winter commuter
Diary of a unicyclist