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A note penned after a unicycle ride.

I was going to pop round my parents and as itís only about a mile and a half I couldnít be bothered to go and get the bike out. The unicycle was still in the lounge from earlier so I just grabbed it and went out.

I havenít got lights for it, because well, where do you mount them and which end is the front? For legal expertsÖ does a unicycle need lights, or do the lighting regulations refer specifically to bicycles thereby excluding unicycles?

Iíll tell you what though, I canít understand what the fascination is of pavement cycling, the surface quality is just so appalling when compared to the roads. If it wasnít for the fact that, to be perfectly honest, a unicycle isnít really the most practical road vehicle, Iíd have given up on the pavement and popped onto the road. Oh, and thereís a footpath that cuts a good decent corner off making it the shortest route.

As for safety, I get told that the biggest fear when cycling is of not being seen. There I was, on the pavement, at night, wearing black jeans and a dark navy jumper. No lights, no reflective clothing, no helmet, nothing at all that I get told I should wear for safety. Well I was amazed at the number of cars that slowed, beeped lots of times and then the drivers and passengers leant out of the window cheering me on. I never get that when cycling normally on the road!

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