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Featured in Cycling plus!

Well I'm sure you can imaging my surprise when I was told by a friend that this website has been featured as the "Website of the month" in the CyclingPlus magazine, scoring eight out of ten.

This was not something I'd ever expected, and in fact as a website created almost as a "fun thing to do" when I had a little spare time, I'm flabberghasted that it could have received that type of attention; and with an extra 1,000 hits per day since the magazine was published and I write this it certainly has had some attention!

So anyway, to all the new readers I'll just say welcome. Feel free to have a wander around the site and have a read. Use the whoami page to email me any suggestions, and the new page to keep track of any updates. The trouble with updates though is that I'm a busy bunny and only get time to write during insomniacal moments... I have notepads full of ideas and thoughts, but too little time to put finger to keyboard and post them up here for you to read.

Another page I can suggest, in my cheekiest manner, you visit is this one. I was thinking of putting a church roof fund thermometer logo on it, but to date nobody has clicked the button on there, and so my thermometer is completely empty. I can't even look at it in that philosophical manner as half full or half empty... it is fully empty :(

Anyway, I must get a shift on, I have some cycling to do. Happy reading, happy riding, and stay safe.