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These are some of the sites I would recommend you visit
Please note that this list is under development as I remember the sites.
Websites worth a visit
Website What you will find Tales of three rides between Land's End and John O'Groats and a host of other less energetic and shorter (but no less enjoyable) rides The contributers here are cyclists and have a wealth of valuable knowledge, as well as being exceedingly friendly. Richardsons Cyles of Leigh-on-Sea is my local bike shop
I've been shopping here for over 20 years, so obviously can recommend them.
If you're in the South Essex area why not drop in and browse? An online shop that believes in both ethical trading as well as that customers should be able to buy products that incorporate the latest technology and may have some positive effect on the environment. On 1st April 2006 Will & Ed Stevens leave London, and set out on a 5-month journey around the coastline of Britain. The brothers will pedal more than 4,500 miles (that's London to Istanbul three times). They will be riding seven feet from the ground, on a pair of 'Tall Bikes'. The first journey of its kind, Tall Bike Tour Britain will be an historic voyage and a record-breaking achievement.
Other sites I visit
Maintenance and Technical sites
Website What you will find A very detailed website covering many aspects of cycle repair and upkeep.
Park Tools A commercial site, so obviously advertising their own tools. However the repair tips and procedures are extremely well written and worth a visit when you need help.