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Here's a bit of an update history of this site.
13/07/2006 Kitzy's Corner updated with Norway Ride.
CTC DA rides updated
07/07/2006 Kitzy's Corner updated with Norway Ride.
15/06/2006 'Should I carry on campaigning' - updated
17/05/2006 CTC DA rides updated
21/04/2006 How to spot a new cycle path in your area
Another depressing waste of money on farcilities
12/04/2006 Added a daft lane in Penzance
Tips for riding through a ford
A tale of me getting it wrong
05/04/2006 Featured in Cycling Plus!
CTC DA rides updated
13/03/2006 Added a link the Essex Air Ambulance
Daft lanes in Gatwick
24/02/2006 Sorry, been on holiday. Will try to write up drafts as and when my working day allows
rebuilding an ergopower lever
The highway code is being reviewed, and is reducing our rights!
30/12/2005 Kitzy's area Brought up to date
Kitzy's audax
15/12/2005 Castle Point and Rayleigh campaign - can you help?
Merton Cycle lanes link added to Daft Lanes page
A new link for an eco shop I've found ( added to Links page
12/12/2005 Daft lanes in Stourbridge
Campaign corner opened for business!!!
Canvey Island campaign - can you help?
Brentwood and Thorndon Park campaign - can you help?
Wet riding tips spelling mistake corrected
28/11/2005 My Bikes updated. Now includes New unicycle, Moulton, Old Peugeot, Windcheetah.
My Garage activities so I can remember what I've been busy on.
Restoring my old MTB
Motorbike is up for sale
24/11/2005 Daft lanes in Dereham
11/11/2005 Donations page
04/11/2005 The Puncture Fairy attack
Encouraging cycling
Benefits of cycling
03/11/2005 Making progress through traffic updated
Cycle Commuting
Folding a Brompton
01/11/2005 Making progress through traffic
03/10/2005 CTC runs list updated AGM dates. Please note AGM is 13th Nov, not any of the previously advertised dates
14/10/2005 Riding in the wet. updated
03/10/2005 Great Yarmouth another daft cycle path
CTC runs list updated. sorry for the delay, been a problem getting spotlight to me
30/09/2005 Riding in the wet.
26/09/2005 Where can I cycle?
23/09/2005 Cycle lights
I have been busy on some drafts, but unfortunately too busy at work and campaigning to get them written up here. Please check back soon.
15/08/2005 CTC Events, amended the Rough Stuff start.
Cycle helmets and cycle training.
Cycle helmets and over heavy legislation.
An evening ride report.
Route planning a small comment added.
How to carry a Brompton
Puncture Fairy a new one added, (the "Easy going boss type")
27/07/2005 Roundabouts ride them safely
Mini Roundabouts ride them safely
Roundabout Hazards keep your eyes open
26/07/2005 Ride report from the 2005 Dunwich Dynamo
Caption Competition a couple of updated captions
12/07/2005 CTC ride lists updated
Caption Competition a bit of fun
23/05/2005 Just tidied a couple of pages up. Hope you can still find your way around them.
17/05/2005 The open road, a thought about where it's gone.
New drivers, especially young ones, why are they unsafe?
Book store, Books I've read or am reading.
The final update from Kitzy's Greek trip
12/05/2005 The CTC pages have had their runs lists updated
07/05/2005 A quick update from Kitzy, she's got to France. I've also added the photo she sent a while back, from Leskovac
28/04/2005 A whole section on punctures and puncture fairies. I will update these soon with more photos.
25/04/2005 A short update from Kitzy
25/04/2005 A short update from Kitzy
A garage is a bloke's castle.
I have been busy on some drafts, but unfortunately too busy at work and campaigning to get them written up here. Please check back soon.
10/04/2005 A short update from Kitzy
I really must do some work of my own on this site soon!
7/04/2005 A short update from Kitzy
1/04/2005 As part of the migration to the new server there have been quite a few background changes, so please let me know if you spot any problems.
Some updates from Kitzy
31/03/2005 Well thanks to a bit of spare time over Easter and outside of spending time in church remembering the real meaning of Easter, I've finished a few more drafts. The site has also moved to a new (faster and better) server, so please let me know if you spot any problems.
Daft cycle lanes with many sub pages
Feedback I've had so far.
Notes after a unicycle trip
Cleaning a chain
Adjusting gears
21/03/2005 Kitzy's ride home from Lancashire
Kitzy's ride home from Greece Watch her progress!
French day trip
18/03/2005 The Social Interaction of cycling
Kitzy's ride to bath
17/03/2005 Kitzy's Corner An area of this site dedicated to longer distance touring and rides. Contributions from Kitzy from the Cycling plus forum. See where she is today!
02/03/2005 Changing a chain. A guide in words and a few photos
My Bikes (two photos to follow, I'm not going out to the garage at 02:30 in the morning)
01/03/2005 Route planning updated as I found some more notes.
Ride report from Southend to Sizewell and back.
Ride Route from Southend to Sizewell and back.
Diary of a winter commuter
Thoughts from a day out last year in Oradour.
A few photos from Oradour
28/02/2005 Maps and route planning
Route planning gone wrong
Chris Juden's document added to filtering page
24/02/2005 Riding in the snow
23/02/2005 Nutty's Day Out a childs tale of London cycling
A draft of danger and perpetuation in the media
A mental overflow on a quiet evening
Helmets, a draft rant, if such a thing exists!
22/02/2005 To all those readers who had been checking back, I'm sorry. I've not had a chance to finish or code all those drafts that have been building up. I'll try to clear the backlog.
10/01/2005 Homepage updated
My local Bike shop added to the links page
Matt's and Charlotte's Festive ride reports added
Links at top of filtering document duplicated at the bottom for clarity
Links at top of Dunwich Dynamo 2004 document duplicated at the bottom for clarity
This page added
06/01/2005 filtering page added
2004 Summary Festive ride added
email facility added to Who am I page
Who am I page and subpages added
Dun Run report uploaded
Why cycle? page added
Vague creation of an idea