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Kitzy's Corner - Home from Norway
Date Distance Location Comments
11/07/2006 411km Sweden Our planned ferry crossing over the Vanern should have gone without a hitch. The only problem was that the next ferry crossing wasn't due to leave for another 6 days. Needless to say we weren't too impressed by that!

We had little choice than to retrace our steps back up the peninsular and cycle around the lake insead.

That evening we consoled ourselves by a stay in a proper camp site, and even went kayaking the following morning. From there we continued our pedallings through the seemingly unending forest of Sweden. Unfortunately we have seen no moose, just plenty of mosquitos! We're nearing the coast now and will possibly be in Denmark tomorrow.
07/07/2006 411km Sweden A week into the tour and we've covered 411km, had a spot of minor re-welding, and another spot of major tour re-planning! It turned out that the airport in Oslo had very little to do with the City in question, as it was 120km to the capital via the motorway. Needless to say it took us two days to cycle into the city, where we managed to locate the friends of Richard's mother. We also managed to find a welder to try and cure the 'death wobble' that was afflicting Richard's bike. His theory was that the weight of was too far forward on his front rack. Unfortunately the welding didn't cure it and he's managing to cope with it.

After three nights in Oslo we got going. A slight navigational misjudgement meant that most of the day was spent doing a 45km circle in the forest north of the city (no tarmac in sight, and the path was often unrideable). Eventually we emerged; tired, hungry, eaten by insects... and approximately 2km from where we'd started. We took the opportunity to actually look at the map in respect to proposed mileage and time available.

The conclusion was reached that we didn't have enough time to reach the Arctic Circle, so we'd just head home overland, south. So we set off east in Sweden.

The countryside's been gorgeous; rolling endless forests peppered by cool lakes. I've been swimming every day in these to cool off. However the other day I made a swift exit after spotting a snake sharing the water. No moose have been spotted yet, although a pine martin bounded across the road yesterday. The weather is gorgeous!
June 2006 0 At home As with the best of plans this one ended up completely different to how it started off. Richard's idea had been to cycle the Scottish coast clockwise, then get the ferry to Ireland and ccyle down to Rosslare from where we'd get the ferry to Wales. We would then either get the train home or cycle. I'd pulled faces at this. I fancied somewhere exotic and foreign. However Richard was adamant that he didn't, so I grumbled to myself and booked a flight to Glasgow. Four days before we were due to leave Richard phoned me, "Wouldn't it be great if we could get the ferry to Norway?".

I didn't need any more encouragement, and aafter checking prices we soon had two tickets to fly from Glasgow to Oslo. After a brief look at the atlas a provisional plan was made to cycle up to the Arctic Circle and then back south. We'd worry about how we'd get home later.

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